Office Spaces & Millennials


Millennials, the tech savvy, independent, creative and powerful generation is a game changer in the business.

  • They demand contemporary and flexible workspaces.
  • They have tremendous impact on how the business operates.

Office spaces have evolved through time.Changes in the types, quantity and configurations of office spaces are influenced by this generation.

Designs are evolving to reflect the mentality that things are to be changed from ideal to something  attainable wherein the young talent expects the ease of working remotely and flexibly.

Myntra, Facebook, Google are the companies which have understood the need of millennials. They have provided their employees with best in class office spaces. According to a Study by Forbes these companies in the past few years have redefined the concept of workplace.

Office space usage has increased to 9.1 % since 2011. Around 73% of which is from 50 big markets globally.

Trend to is to design areas for them to escape the feeling of ‘being at work’ while still being at work.

Incorporating comfortable and encouraging visuals, implementing aesthetics to excite the brain and foster creativity.

Another millennial priority that’s being applied in office space is green design, considering their dominance at workplace which will increase in coming years, organisations must look into what attracts them and also retains them.

Privates offices are being replaced with more task specific spaces and common area that encourages the spontaneous exchange of ideas.

Office space in more lively urban neighbourhoods, is going at a premium.

Making the space look and feel good!



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