Why Millennials Matter?


Why Millennials Matter?

  • The millennials reshape the workplace, attracting best of this generation is critical for every business.

  • Millennials, the generation of power, enthusiasm, and perceivers, this is what makes them different from the other generations. What they require is flexible work environment but quick feedback and encouragement.

  • They are not concerned about ‘how things used to be done’, they believe in innovation and evolving through learning and experiencing.
  • Their affinity with the technology is what makes them more capable, as this is the first generation which grew up with smartphones, laptops, and social media.


  • They are from a technology based environment because of which they carry a different attitude at the workplace than more senior workers, the baby boomers.
  • About 60% of the workforce happens to be millennial. They are just not motivated by money they legitimately want to contribute and learn.

  • Millennials prefer organizations that have open, transparent and inclusive leadership styles; and they thrive on fairness and performance-based appraisals, not tenure and seniority.

Additional Statistics:

40% Millennials Expect Management Position in Two Years
At the age of 20 Appreciate New Jobs & Assignments
In tenure of 3-5 years Expect Promotion


  • Millennials would prefer to have access to a number of peers and other leaders, rather than being limited to working with one leader or manager, and finally; Millennials thrive on innovation and change.

  • No wonder, today companies are focusing on millennials, they have influenced the way organisations work and operate, also represent the challenges which companies would be facing in future.

  • Because Millennials are young consumers and professionals, they inevitably carry a high lifetime value. Whether you’re trying to market to Millennial consumers, sell to Millennial B2B buyers, or attract and retain Millennial workers there is tremendous benefit in the long-term value they carry.

Millennials  believe in making a difference!


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