Best Practices in Design and Architecture


  • Best practices supporting design and architectural industry are universally applicable.
  • This starts from owner’s procurement decision making process span and through project execution. Best practices are to be implemented from the stage one.

Procuring Design- Build Services:

  • Proactive and unique assessment of characteristics and objectives on the project and it’s organization should be done before deciding the use of the design. 
  • Implementation of a procurement plan which enhances the collaboration of why that design is being chosen and the the benefits of the design. 
  • Establishing clear evaluation and selection process. Ensuring that the process is fair, open and transparent.Value both technical concepts and price in the business.

Contracting for Design- Build Services:

  • Contracts used in Design – Build projects should be fair, balanced and clear and should promote the collaborative aspects of design and build.
  • The contract between the owner and the design builder should address the unique aspect of design – build process.

Executing the Delivery of Design- Build Projects:

  • All the members should be trained in Design – Build process. 
  • The project team should establish logistics and infrastructure for integrated project delivery. 
  • Timely effective communication, collaboration and issues resolutions is a must. 
  • The project team should focus on the design management and commissioning/turnover processes and ensure that there is alignment among the team as to how to execute these processes.

Design – Build Done Right!


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