Make us your Business Athlete

Why make us your business athlete?
1) Teaming Up
our interactions program ensures you are networking with the right folks in the industry. We understand our growth is dependent on yours, which is why we ensure you network with the right people.


2) Personalized training – we’re the kind of personal trainer in business like the one you would want at the gym. Our holistic training module ensures that every lead generated has value to you. We go that extra mile to help you close that mega deal you’ve been wanting to!


3) Century partnership – in cricket it is said 100 is always better than 50! The reason we developed the 100 interactions model is because we understand law of averages. The more decision makers you meet, higher are your number of deal closures. It’s as simple as that!


4) Work with the best – we connect you to the best industry players, and we take you to the decision makers directly. We want the best for you and our model is designed to ensure we deliver the best to you!



5) Best Strategies – our model is designed as a holisitic business driving strategy for you!
a) higher number of interactions
b) quality interactions
c) key decision makers
d) personlaized training
e) strategic networking

image (1)


This is the crux around which our uniwue interactions program is designed.
Want to drive sales & connect with the right industry players?
Magnate is your pit stop, look no further!


Hope this article helped you gain insights about the B2S (Specifier) space and Building Material industry. Is your building material brand struggling with Networking ? Not satisfied with the performance of your product in the Market?. We Could Help!

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Magnate Architectural Auxiliary Services

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