Make us your Business Athlete

Why make us your business athlete? 1) Teaming Up - our interactions program ensures you are networking with the right folks in the industry. We understand our growth is dependent on yours, which is why we ensure you network with the right people. 2) Personalized training - we're the kind of personal trainer in business … Continue reading Make us your Business Athlete


Best Practices in Design and Architecture

Best practices supporting design and architectural industry are universally applicable. This starts from owner’s procurement decision making process span and through project execution. Best practices are to be implemented from the stage one. Procuring Design- Build Services: Proactive and unique assessment of characteristics and objectives on the project and it’s organization should be done before … Continue reading Best Practices in Design and Architecture

Why Millennials Matter?

Why Millennials Matter? The millennials reshape the workplace, attracting best of this generation is critical for every business. Millennials, the generation of power, enthusiasm, and perceivers, this is what makes them different from the other generations. What they require is flexible work environment but quick feedback and encouragement. They are not concerned about ‘how things … Continue reading Why Millennials Matter?

Best Airports in the World

  High- Design airports are spread across the world now. The architecture has reached another level. The trend of better airport architecture is growing immensely. These are the best airports across the globe. Best in terms of aesthetics and architecture. Which sometimes make the flight delays more exciting for the travelers. Baku Heydar Aliyev International … Continue reading Best Airports in the World

Office Spaces & Millennials

Millennials, the tech savvy, independent, creative and powerful generation is a game changer in the business. They demand contemporary and flexible workspaces. They have tremendous impact on how the business operates. Office spaces have evolved through time.Changes in the types, quantity and configurations of office spaces are influenced by this generation. Designs are evolving to … Continue reading Office Spaces & Millennials